Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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My mother ...
This is another shot for an assignment for the class I'm taking (Stretching your Frame of Mind at PPSOP). This lesson is all about Perspective & Tension.... & creating layers of interest in order to create depth.

I was attempting to create tension by placing my mother close to the edge of the frame & to create perspective & depth by drawing the eye down the long dark hall.

I hope that this image also tells a story... of my mother's discontent with her life in a Nursing Home & how difficult it is to live in an institutional environment.

One more thing about this class....almost the most challenging thing for me... ALL images MUST be SOOC..!! Yikes! No photoshop, no cropping, no correcting exposure, no straightening! Critiquing in the raw, scary stuff!

I did a little processing on this image, but not much - B & W conversion & some softening on my Mother's face, which I think she would want. I think she looks remarkable for a woman of 97 years, but I know she doesn't agree... :-)
(ps... my teacher liked the shot!)