Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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The broad backside of impatience...

This is the side of Bruno we see when things don't go his way & right now he's tired of waiting for me to stop shooting and start walking. Unfortunately, we can be as stubborn as each other & a stalemate can easily result... :-))

A couple of folks have asked if Bruno has found his buried bone of a couple of weeks ago... thought I'd share the answer to that question:

Last week I saw a fox running past the window carrying something very large & slightly familiar, & in a bit of a panic while he ran. After checking with the binos... yup! It was definitely Bruno's buried treasure & this fox looked like he'd just won the lottery, only not in a particularly happy way, running here & there, stopping, looking around, dashing off in the opposite direction.

Obviously, finding someone else's buried treasure is an extremely stressful activity, probably known as theft & punishable by death! In the end he left it in a little stand of trees just south of the house. I'm quite sure it won't stay there long, we have lots of foxes, coyotes & then of course... there's Bruno who is not going to be at all pleased if & when he decides to retrieve his treasure...!

I think the moral of the story is: be happy with the little stuff you have, if you have something that is really awesome........all you may get is a lot of worry & stress that you really don't need!