Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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Sunset on the Prairies...

This shot is actually part of an assignment from the class I'm taking at PPSOP (Bryan Peterson's online school). The course is called 'Stretching Your Frame of Mind' & the teacher is Joe Baraban. His work is awesome & with 40 yrs experience as a pro, he's got lots to share! His blog is excellent, if you're interested it's here: http://www.joebaraban.com/ or here: http://joebaraban.com/blog/

Lesson 1 is all about the Vanishing Point & Negative Space. The vanishing point was easy to include in a photo (we have one every mile on the Prairies), with this shot I was attempting to emphasize the VP by including it as a reflection.

Creating an image using negative space as an element of design is much more difficult. I'm still working on that one. Will let you know how it goes... :-))