Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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Abandoned barn? Or not....

Actually, this is a composite. On our walk yesterday, I shot the barn window & the gnome ornament separately, in the same yard (my in-laws farmyard) with this idea in mind, then spent an hour or so fiddling with it on the computer. Just as I was finishing it up, I realized that instead of all this 'work' on the computer, all I really needed to have done was to have picked up the gnome, opened the barn door & placed him in the window. Shoot the picture & it's done! Never even occured to me at the time....!!

Funny how sometimes we just seem to insist on making things far more complicated than they need to be & then we wonder why we are always running out of time at the end of the day.... hmmmm... :-))