Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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"Are we done yet?"
This is our weather yesterday.... lovely day (to stay home)!
Fifty yards from home, Bruno decides to cancel the mission, he seems a little displeased when the boss says 'Nope! The walk is on buddy...!"

It was a nasty, extremely windy day which brought winter with a vengence, complete with icy, snow packed roads & low, to no, visibility..... but at least it was not so bitterly cold that we couldn't enjoy our walk, once we made it across the field & into the bush. Bruno actually loves the snow (as do most Leonbergers) & often spends the night sleeping on it (at least, he did when he was younger), although you'd never know it from his attitude here.

Hope it's warmer & a little more 'user friendly' in your backyard!