Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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Hugs with Mac...

We had a wonderful, busy Christmas Day & I hope all of you did as well. Thanks so very much for all of your wonderful holiday wishes!

Knowing there wouldn't be much time for photography yesterday, I set up a 'photo booth' by the tree, (a chair & a couple of flashes) then showed everyone how to use the remote, where to sit and just have fun taking their own pictures. Everybody had a great time with the idea & I got some photos to help remember the day - which usually doesn't happen because it always flies by in such a blur.

Because I've never put up the dreaded 'self portrait' on the Dailies, I figured this would be my first attempt & Mackenzie would help me with it ... :-)) (directly from the 'Photo Booth'! )

Hope you are all enjoying Boxing Day and that it is as relaxing or as busy as you would like it to be... here at my house it is, thankfully .... very, very quiet....