Daily Photos 2010 to 2012 - janetmcqueen
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Playing with all my friends... somewhere in England or maybe Scotland...

I think I must have been a stray & my parents found me by the side of the road, cause this is the earliest shot I can find of myself amoungst our small supply of childhood photos. Perhaps this was taken around the time that cameras were invented...:-))

Didn't really do any restoring on this very, very, very old print (it's almost as old as I am, oddly enough!), just thought I'd leave the old, tired, almost worn out look just as it is...

Anyway... this is my entry in Colleen's challenge. I thought it was tomorrow & was going to post then, but just noticed that many folks put up 2 shots today, so I guess I will do the same.

I've been thoroughly enjoying all the other 'early childhood' shots... this is such a fun idea, Colleen... thanks!!