Daily Photos 2019 - janetmcqueen
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Tense moments

Things got a little tense when the wind picked up and then changed direction without warning. This took us all by surprise because there was literally no wind and no wind predicted for the day when we made the decision to do the burn.

We wondered if the fire itself can affect the wind and it’s direction if it creates enough heat, especially on a calm damp day. I think this happens with big forest fires but I really don’t know anything about it… all I know is it took us off guard and left us scambling to keep it away from the house and buildings for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

In case you are wondering… yes, the fire department was there with their ‘wildfire unit’ and it was precisely at this time that they realized their equipment was not working properly. Hmmm…….

Not to worry, all was well in the end.