Daily Photos 2019 - janetmcqueen
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Shelby in her boots

Thanks so much for all your wonderful New Year’s greetings! Such a lovely way to begin this brand new year…. :)

We are back in the Deep Freeze here, with wind chills dropping down into the minus 40’s (both C & F are pretty much the same at that temp I think).

Last year one of the pads on Shelby’s feet was frostbitten & peeled off, it was so upsetting when we realized it had happened, even though we had made some ‘socks’ for her. So this year, we bought these ones - they offer much better protection, but need I say she hates them?

She’s so funny when we put them on - just stands there like a statue, looking pathetic and is completely unable to move her feet until we open the door.

Btw… this is only her ‘under sweater’, she has a heavy lined jacket that goes on over top of this one… poor little thing, she really is meant to be a California dog!