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Rolo took a few fly-by photos - that's just how Rolo does everything, while he's 'flying by'! Mackenzie was trying to convince him to stay a little longer, but Rolo had better things to do, as you can pretty much tell by his expression ... :-))

For those of you who are interested in the photo booth idea, it's really very simple and all you need are a remote or a long cable release & a remote flash or two. I added a softbox, but because I don't know how to use it properly, it was probably more of a detriment. So... position camera on a tripod, all settings on manual (after you've set everything up) a flash on either side, & a chair or some sort of marked location that is the 'booth' part. Then I just showed everyone how to use the remote, took a couple of shots to explain where they had to be in order to be inside the frame & left the setup there for the day. There would have been far less wasted shots if I could have tethered the laptop to the camera & then everyone would have been able to see the shots as they were taken, but it was also lots of fun just to play with the whole thing... oh & BTW... have lots of batteries for the flashes close at hand!!

If any of you give it a try, I sure hope you share the pics... have fun!!