Daily Photos 2013 to 2016 - janetmcqueen
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The old grey barn, she ain't what she used to be.... :-))

Thank you so very much for all your comments over the last few days. Sorry that I haven't been around much, I really miss spending time with your shots every day, but it seems that lately I run out of day long before I run out of things that must be done.

In a few days I'm off to visit one of my daughters on the West Coast and will be gone for a couple of weeks. It's always such a whirlwind when I'm there that I know I won't be able to post while I'm away, but whenever I can find a quiet moment, I will be checking out all the latest in the Dailys, so I hope to keep in touch.

'See' you when I get back! Be good & keep smiling...!!