Daily Photos 2013 to 2016 - janetmcqueen
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Looking into the world of fractals ....

If you look deeply, it just gets deeper! Cool, huh?

Thanks for all your thoughts & comments on my first shot at fractals yesterday.

Some of you were wondering about the Frax app. I tried it first on my iphone but found it too difficult to manage on the small screen, so I got the iPad app and it is serious fun! Very addictive!!

I don't know if the app is available for other tablets or PC's but I hope so... this should be something everyone can play with!

edit: I did some looking around on the internet & it seems this app is only available for iPad & iPhone. There are requests for Android, maybe coming, but I'm sure this app will be limited to touchscreens, phones or tablets. It's all about the movement on the screen and the shifting of the tablet/phone itself, so I doubt if any equivalent will be found for the PC. Sorry folks....